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The SLAC Scanner Processor (or SSP) is a general-purpose, high-speed, programmable FASTBUS master ( see reference 1) used originally by the SLAC Mark II group. It provides a general and powerful means of moving and processing data in a FASTBUS system.

The instruction set of the SSP is a subset of IBM assember with some extensions for accessing FASTBUS. At SLAC, the Mark II and SLD groups have been writing code for the SSP in IBM Fortran, IBM Assembly language or SLAC VAX Cross Assembly language. (In order to write code in IBM FORTRAN, or IBM assembly language directly, an IBM machine is needed to compile the source code; where an IBM machine is not available, a cross assembler is necessary). The object modules produced are translated into microinstructions that are executed by the SSP processor. Load modules can be translated, with or without a main program. They are linked with special code including an error handler (forming an "SSP system") and downloaded to the SSP.

The SSP transfers data to the Host for further processing.

The program SNOOPY (written by Brigitte Bricaud, SLAC) runs on the host (VAX or microVAX) and provides a means of testing and debugging SSP code.

------------------------------------------------------------ REFERENCE 1 "The SLAC scanner processor: a FASTBUS module for data collection and processing", H.Brafman, T.Glanzman, A.J.Lankford, J. Olsen and L.Paffrath, IEEE Trans. Nuclear Science, Vol NS-32, No. 1, February 1985, 336-340.

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A summary of the SSP registers is listed here for convenience. For more information about the SSP hardware, see 787DOC:SSPDOC_T.FORLIS.

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SNOOPY is written in VAX FORTRAN, and is linked with the CERN CFI library routines (in CFILIB:), and the BNLSYS standard routines (in BNL$SSP:). All the SNOOPY code is found in the directory FBSN:

The CFI version of SNOOPY can run using a FASTBUS CFI card connected to the VAX (or microVAX) either

- via a UFI (UNIBUS to FASTBUS Interface) or QFI (QBUS to FASTBUS interface) respectively or

- via a CFI CAMAC interface

Where hardware for both these possibilities is available, two link files are provided,

o FBSN:SNOOPY_U.COM creates a UFI/QFI version

o FBSN:SNOOPY_C.COM creates a CAMAC version


The term "CFI" throughout this document is used to mean a CERN FASTBUS INTERFACE in general (that is, via a QFI, UFI or CAMAC coupler). The type of FASTBUS interface used is both irrelevent and virtually transparent to the SNOOPY user.

To run SNOOPY, enter :


This will run the default version for the system (normally the UFI/QFI version).

First, SNOOPY identifies itself by typing :

      Welcome to SNOOPY *** Version 8.04 *** 3-Mar-1987

Then, it prompts you to set the parameters which define the Interface:

      Enter SSP Segment (crate) number (CR= 0) :
      Enter SSP Geographical Address (CR= 9) :
and waits for an answer.

If the parameters are set to the correct value, enter <CR>. If you want to change a parameter, enter the new value, followed by <CR>.

The message:

      UFI/CFI initialized and FB software reset 

should then appear.

SNOOPY then prompts you to enter a command :

      Command :

Enter the name of the command you want to execute. If the string does not match a valid command, SNOOPY prints the message "Invalid syntax" and waits for a new command.


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The Snoopy editor is invoked from SNOOPY with the EDIT command (see above).

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Original SLAC version by BRIGITTE M. BRICAUD, SLAC, JUNE 10, 1986

This document modified for TRIUMF version of SNOOPY by Suzannah Daviel, TRIUMF, 4004 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Computer mail address: SUZ@TRIUMFCL ,

February 27th, 1987