webspace and OOGL

These files were produced by webspace, a weboogl application. www.triumf.ca gif
www.triumf.ca hypertext links

OOGL file of www.triumf.ca web space (2 levels)
OOGL file of sundae.triumf.ca web space (2 levels)
OOGL file of Colossal Cave (4 levels)

OOGL is a 3-D object definition language. OOGL objects may be rendered and manipulated using geomview, which is a pretty cool program, all told. weboogl is an extension which allows OOGL to contain URLs. What this allows is for a 3-D scene to contain links to regular HTML documents, and vice-versa. For more information on geomview, OOGL, webspace, etc. see the WebOOGL home page

WebOOGL was a runner-up in the VRML contest. For more information, see the Silicon Graphics home page, or the WebSpace page.