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snoopy .HLP


In the case of loading a file created with the BNL method, SNOOPY will look (in the same directory) for a file with the same name and a .MAP extension (i.e. a map file). If this exists, SNOOPY will read in the values of certain global symbols, making some assumptions to decide which are DM labels and which are PM labels.

The following message will then be printed:

Loading symbols from 787EXAMPLES:TEST7_K7.MAP

These symbols will then appear as labels in listings created with the edit commands "DM" or "PM", e.g.

 $COMMAND   DM00000200= 54494E49     1414090313 "INIT"         
 $MASTER_ID DM00000204= 00000204            516 "...."         
 $TRIGGER   DM00000208= 00000208            520 "...."         
 $PR_EVENT  DM0000020C= 0000020C            524 "...."         
 $SPILL     DM00000210= 00000210            528 "...."         
 $RUN       DM00000214= 00000214            532 "...."         
            DM00000218= 00000000              0 "...."         
            DM0000021C= 00000000              0 "...."         
            PM00000097= 50D00030   ST       13,48              
 M_LOAD_CMD PM00000098= 58300200   L        3,512              
            PM00000099= 5930D04C   C        3,76(0,13)         
            PM0000009A= 477000AC   BC       7,172