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An array declarator specifies the symbolic name that identifies an array within a program unit and indicates the properties of the array. It has the form:

a(d[,d]...) a is the name of the array d specifies the bounds of the array in the form:

[dl:]du dl is the lower bound du is the upper bound


A subscript qualifies an array name. A subscript is a list of expressions, called subscript expressions, enclosed in parentheses, that determine which element in the array is referred to. The subscript is appended to the array name it qualifies. A subscript has the form:

(s[,s]...) s is a subscript expression

A one-dimensional array is stored with its first element in the first storage location and its last element in the last storage location of the sequence. A multidimensional array is stored so that the leftmost subscripts vary most rapidly.