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Invokes the DEC Fortran for OpenVMS VAX Systems compiler. This command is described in detail in your user manual.

Format of the FORTRAN command line:

FORTRAN[/qualifiers] file-spec-list[/qualifiers]

Most command qualifiers that can accept options can also accept either ALL (which includes all required and optional components) or NONE (which includes none of the optional components).

If you specify more than one option, separate them by commas and enclose the list in parentheses.

Context-sensitive online help on language syntax and intrinsic routines is also available from within the DEC Language-Sensitive Editor.

If you are using OpenVMS VAX V6.0 or later, help on Fortran compiler and run-time messages is available using the HELP/MESSAGE command. See the DEC Fortran Release Notes for further information.

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