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Target flask.

The 'flask'. This device is a heavily shielded tube. The tube is moved into position above the target position in a beamline, then doors at the bottom are opened by remote control and the target is lowered into the beamline. The flask is used to remove target ladders from Bl 1A at the 1AT1 or 1AT2 positions when they have become defective or need to be changed to a different material or a different thickness for a certain experiment.

The targets from the 500-MEV irradiation facility are carried over to the Chem annex elevator in a round lead casket known as a lead pig.

When targets need to be changed, they are raised into the shielded part, the complete assembly is moved to the hot cell, and the target is lowered into the hot cell. Thick radiation absorbent material shields the target at all times during these operations.

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