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cfi .HLP


 QFI>FRD A 0  	Single word read from data space 0 at primary 
 		address A (hex) in the local crate
 QFI>FRD 4010B 2 Single word read from data space 2 at primary 
 		address B (hex) in a remote crate using an SSP 
 		cable segment. See HELP ROUTING for information 
 		on communication with remote crates.

QFI>DEFINE C1 C0000001 Set up a definition of "C1" as C0000001 hex. (see HELP DEFINE for details) QFI>FRD TDC1 C1 Single word read of data space "C1" (defined above as C0000001) at primary address defined by "TDC1". "TDC1" is assumed to have been previously set up by a call to TREE or to FBWHO (see help TREE or FBWHO) and can be accessed by the SHODEF command.