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Generally, the first command that is entered is TREE, to get a list of the crate contents (see help TREE for more details). The command MENU will give a list of available commands.

 QFI>TREE	! list of crate contents on the system
 QFI>MENU	! get a list of commands

Assuming that a TDC has been found a slot 8, TREE will have defined the symbol TDC as 8. See HELP SHODEF and HELP DEFINE for more details.

 QFI>FRC TDC 0	! Read CSR 0 of the TDC (see HELP FRC)
 QFI>FRC 8 0	! Same as above
 QFI>SHODEF	! Show defined symbols (set up by TREE). See HELP SHODEF
 		! for more information.
 QFI>CAMAC	! Access any CAMAC crates on the system (see HELP CAMAC)
 QFI>EXIT	! Exit the program