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MODIFIED CAMAC multi-address scan - to incrementing address, (NTA is incremented)

NOTE - the Branch driver does not perform the standard ESONE operation for this call

The standard ESONE subroutine executes a CAMAC function at a succession of addresses. A Q=1 response is required to indicate a register included in the Q-scan set is present. A Q=0 response at any subaddress or a Q=1 at subaddress 15 causes the subaddress to be set to zero and the station number to be incremented. The block transfer is terminated when the last address in the Q-scan set is accessed or the channel repeat count limit specified is reached.

In the case of the STRUCK Branch driver, the Q-response is ignored. The block transfer is word count terminated. The NTA is incremented each time regardless of Q-response. Since NTA=F*'1000'X + C*'200'X+N*'10'X+A incrementing the NTA will have the effect of changing onto the next module after reading subaddress 15.

Therefore to read 3 adjacent modules, specify a wordcount of 3*15 words. If the modules contain less than 15 subaddresses, 3 calls to this routine may be done, one for each module.