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cfi .HLP


 QFI>FRCB A 0 10	    Block read of 10 (dec) words from CSR space 0 at 
 		    primary address A (hex) in the local crate

QFI>FRCB 4010B 2 Block read of 2 (dec) words from CSR space 2 at primary address B (hex) from a remote crate using an SSP cable segment. See HELP ROUTING for information on communication with remote crates.

QFI>DEFINE C1 40000 Set up a definition of "C1" as 40000 hex. (see (HELP DEFINE for details) QFI>FRCB SSP1 C1 50 Block read of 50 (decimal) words from CSR "C1" (defined above as 40000 hex) at primary address defined by "SSP1". "SSP1" is assumed to have been previously set up by a call to TREE or to FBWHO (see help TREE or FBWHO) and can be accessed by the SHODEF command.