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exclusive OR

The EXCLUSIVE OR of the first and second operands is placed in the first-operand location.

Operands are treated as unstructured logical quantities, and the connective EXCLUSIVE OR is applied bit by bit. A bit position in the result is set to one if the corresponding bit positions in the two operands are unlike ; otherwise , the result bit is set to zero.

Resulting Condition Code:
0 ~ Result is zero
1 ~ Result not zero
2 ~ -
3 ~ -

Program Exceptions:
Access (fetch, operand 2, X ; fetch and store, operand 1, XI ) Programming Note
The instruction EXCLUSIVE OR may be used to invert a bit, an operation particularly useful in testing and setting programmed binary bit switches.

A field EXCLUSIVE-ORed with itself becomes all zeros.

The sequence A EXCLUSIVE-ORed B, B EXCLUSIVE-ORed A, A EXCLUSIVE-ORed B results in the exchange of the contents of A and B without the use of an auxiliary buffer area.

The immediate byte's position in the operand is reversed. Given a word-aligned address D, bytes will be accessed as follows:

Address  Bits 
D        D(31:24) 
D+1      D(23:16) 
D+2      D(15:8) 
D+3      D(7:0)

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