R.Skegg and A.Daviel, IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. NS-35(1)(1988)306.

R.Skegg and A.Daviel, IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. NS-32(1)(1985)305.

See section 4.7

Commercial Range is 0C to 70C, 10%power supply.

Address given on Page

The source code is Fujitsu proprietary software; updated libraries may be available from Fujitsu

All addresses are given in hexadecimal

See Section 4.3.1

Trying to use Segment MS or RD signals may gain very little time because MS and RD, at the Slave, may change simultaneously with DS(t) and Strobe 1(u) may occur very shortly after DS(t).

connecting least-significant bits, AD(15:0)

connecting most-significant bits, AD(31:16)

The name Megablock came from MEGA (the experiment for which the original hardware was designed) and BLOCK (block transfer.) Since this mode is most useful for gathering small data blocks from multiple Slaves, Multiblock is suggested as a better name.

Master Link (indicating the first Slave in a Multiblock Group) was too easily confused with Master module. The term Primary Link has been substituted. It indicates that this is the Slave which responds to the Primary Address operation.

Two Configuration bits are required in CSR Space. It may be desirable to define their location.

A monostable indication has an 'on' state of defined minimum duration (chosen for visibility) when the input signal is of short duration, and a continuous 'on' state when the signal is maintained.